“It takes a second to take one picture, but that picture can be meaningful for eternity” Basically, a single snap, single click can make a thing that can change a melancholic story. Someone says, “If I could only turn back time.” We can’t blame our love on anyone. If there is anyone who has to […]

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Ray of Light

So to speak, love is like a ray of light that radiates itself in our hearts. Sometimes it’s too bright that it burns, but it still feels freezing cold ‘til you can’t stand it. However, everyone has to fall in love. There will be a time when the ray of love is shining upon your […]

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I watch the window glazing over, as the sky boasts its beauty though it resides in the depth of September. My wall speaks of years of happiness, some fragment of sadness too, of people who have gone away and those who have stayed. It speaks of trips around the world and imaginary worlds my sister […]

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